What's the meaning of Kunstlabor - Medienkunstlabor?

There is no clear definition, an "Art Lab" or "New Media Art" is a lab that develops art and creativity in a analog or digital environment.

In the sense of a red thread of a new art in the information age, Kunstlabor (Oskar Obereder, Max Kossatz, FE Rakuschan and Franz XAVER dealt with networks in the new digital age mid of the 1990ties. Especially in the sense of a historical view of a media art the concept of a social sculpture as coined by Joseph Beuys and "minus delta t" was very important for the work of Kunstlabor.

The Medienkunstlabor

The New Media Art Lab was founded in 2003 at the Kunsthaus Graz with a focus on digital media. A separate area was set up on the first floor, where a internet server cabinet was installed. This server cabinet was designed as a locker system. A separate PI-Space provided worldwide access for autonomous digital cultural workers. Provider independent Internet addresses (PI-Space) are fundamentally different from commercial IP addresses). Franz XAVER directed the Media Art Lab at the Kunsthaus Graz until 2007.